Veterans Wall of Honor | Henry County, Georgia
Honoring All Veterans

Veterans Wall of Honor, McDonough, Georgia

The project was accomplished through a public-private partnership, and sponsored by the Stokes-Morris American Legion, Post 33 in Stockbridge. Joanne Mulvaney, who served in the Navy, envisioned the project in concert with, and as a tribute to her father, World War II veteran, Joseph Consalvo, as a permanent memorial to all men and women who served in the Armed Forces of the United States of America. Mulvaney, together with the other members of the Veterans Wall of Honor Board of Directors and the Henry County Board of Commissioners worked tirelessly for five years to see this project come to fruition.

Located adjacent an historic village and museum designed to preserve the agrarian past of Henry County, Georgia, the Veterans Wall of Honor helps to create an outdoor classroom environment where school children can come to learn about our heritage and ponder the freedoms that we enjoy today due to the sacrifices made by our veterans and their families.


The groundbreaking for the Veterans Wall of Honor
March 15, 2004

Veterans Wall Groundbreaking

Clockwise from back: Joanne Mulvaney, Commissioner Jason Harper, Congressman Mac Collins, Commissioner Lee Holman, David Johnson, Constituent Services Representative for Congressman David Scott, Commission Chair Leland Maddox, Max Phillips, World War II Veteran, and Joseph Consalvo, World War II Veteran.


Symbolism & Meaning Behind the Veterans Wall

The scenes start at the left end with the Revolutionary War, through the two World Wars flanking the center, all the way through present day conflicts and ultimate sacrifice on the right.  At the center of the Wall, an engraving tells the purpose of the overall tribute and those it honors:  ALL GAVE SOME, SOME GAVE ALL.  The Wall project stands in honor of all veterans, those living and those deceased, in the active duty or in the reserves, those who served in wartime and those who served in times of peace.  They sacrificed their time, served the country diligently, and dutifully went off as their nation needed them.  In whatever capacity they served, this monument honors them, upholds them, dignifies them.

As the viewer faces the Wall, there is a broad arc of the 50 state flags behind.  Displayed in the order in which they entered the union, they visually represent support of our military.

The back of the Wall lists the conflicts that the United States has been involved in, once again starting with the Revolutionary War at the left.  Under the headings of the conflict are listed the names of some of the major battles in the conflict.  The far right end of the back of the wall lists the conflicts again, but this time showing the number of battlefield dead and wounded.  This gives weight and solemnity to the call of duty.

The flags of the military branches, standing in bases with the corresponding military branch seals, stand guard over the Veterans Walk of Honor, a pathway of brick pavers inscribed with the names of veterans.  The pathway connects the Wall of Honor to the POW/MIA tribute.


United States Flag Base

The viewer is facing south. This conveys the intent and lasting purpose of the monuments on this site.

Veterans Day November 11, 2008
This veterans wall of honor is dedicated, and
stands in humble gratitude, to the men and women
of the armed forces of the United States of America.
These patriots gave valiant service and great sacrifice
to purchase our freedom,  preserve our way of life,
and provide us all continued protection.
The path before you leads to a separate tribute honoring
those who were, or still are, prisoners of war or missing in action.
May these grounds always be a fitting remembrance
of those who answered the call of duty for our country.
"The nation which forgets its defenders will be itself forgotten."
- Calvin Coolidge

West side (Preamble to the Declaration of Independence):
The viewer is facing east. This is symbolic of two things: 1) Our Nation's leaders 'faced' east toward England to declare opposition to the oppression by the king. 2) With the sun rising in the east, it's symbolic of the birth, the dawn, of our Nation.
South side (Pledge of Allegiance):
The viewer faces north toward the flag, and the Wall is in the background. This perspective provides a strong visual tie-in with the Pledge, the Flag and the state flags.
East side (Preamble to the Constitution):
The viewer is facing west, the direction of the physical expansion and progress of our Country, ties in with a symbolism that, with the Constitution, our Country has set its guidelines and now grows and prospers.


Veterans Wall of Honor | Henry County, Georgia